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eg. App will be used to tracks tools used by employees. Tools are checked out by store staff. Employees may send in request to get tools, or transfer tools to other employees. Tools can also be transferred from one store to another.
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Transform your database design from a chore into a creative experience.

Customize it visually with drag-and-drop, export it to multiple SQL formats, or visualize existing schemas with ease.

Experience the power of AI-assisted database design and unlock a world of possibilities!

AI-Powered Schema Generation.

How to use?

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Describe your app

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AI Generates your Database Schema

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Export Code

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  • Auto Generate Schema using AI

    Just describe your App and let AI auto generate schema for you! Escape the blank canvas syndrome and jump start your database design by just describing your application in natural language. Let AI do the work of coming up with schema based on your input!

  • Visualize Schema

    Visualize the generated database schema! Visually inspect your tables and see relationships between them. Select a table and explore all related descendants tables as well as ascendants tables it depends on. Select any relation and get it details!

  • Visually Create Schema

    Build and modify schema visually. Add new table and columns. Use drag and drop to setup relationship between two tables! And you an easily make changes right on the diagram. Change relation from required to optional or drop a relation! Change table or add columns.


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